Adam Trybuła

Hi there! I’m Adam Trybula – the Lead Designer at RevenueWell.

I lead a design team that works across brand and product design to create experiences which gain attention, are simple, understandable, joyful and get people to take action.

I started as the lone designer and helped guide the development and evolution of our visual design languages across brand and product at RevenueWell.

I have led visual strategy, designed and art directed for content creation, lead generation and maturation campaigns, product marketing launches, and customer advocacy. I have created visually engaging full-funnel campaigns that increase brand awareness, improve conversions, and create loyal customers.

I have helped define the vision and product experience strategy for the future of the RevenueWell product suite. I have designed and helped guide products towards solutions that are unquestionably intuitive for our customers and deliver successful business outcomes.

I have hired and onboarded a talented team of product & brand designers. I have structured an org chart that gives them room to grow. I have mentored and empowered the team to deliver their best work and grow in their careers. I have built and continuously evolve our processes to allow us to work efficiently and consistently produce the best outcomes possible.

While these are some of the things I have done. I did not do them alone. So much was due to the great people who surround me including my teams, counterparts across the business, and mentors who have helped me grow. It's a joy to help, add my perspective, and drive results.

Outside of that, I am the son of Polish immigrants. I am a husband and a BooBear. I am a former college athlete, a sports fan, a traveler, book collector, and just someone that wants to get better everyday.🐝

Work History


Jul 2017 – Present

Design Lead


Oct 2013- Jul 2017

Visual Experience Designer

Selected Clients

  • Deskpass
  • MSTQ
  • Women In Fintech

  • Ultimate Student Athlete
  • Ilya Fine Jewelry
  • Global Health Council
  • RevenueWell



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