Adam Trybula

Ultimate Student Athlete

A Brand For Young Athletes


Ultimate Student Athlete inspires and transforms young student-athletes in Los Angeles through mentorship, physical fitness, spiritual guidance, and academic support. They offer fitness, tutorial support, and academic assistance to students. The goal of the program is to help students successfully matriculate through elementary school and on to receive their college degree.


Create a brand that young adults can be drawn to

Design a system that can expand to multiple programsBalance athletics and academics

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Identity Design

Graphic Design


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The Logo

There is something powerful about a pennant. It is a symbol that has been used in athletic and academic institutions for over a century. I wanted a pennant to be the primary symbol for Ultimate Student Athlete.

The pennant is pushing forward – continuing on the path to progress. It is never stopping, never settling, and continuously moving forward. It is the ultimate representation of the journey and passion of the young athletes.

I chose to balance the athletic-driven mark with a more academic and collegiate wordmark. I wanted it to represent the stability and structure needed for athletes to reach their long-term goals.


The colors for Ultimate Student Athlete are meant to stand out. They are bright, vibrant, and continuously demanding attention. They represent the energy of young passionate athletes everywhere.


Ultimate Student Athlete includes multiple programs and initiatives. The goal was to allow each additional logo to tell its own story.

“We see the greatness in each and every one of our youth. We ask that each focus on the process, because they can never get it wrong, and the process is never over.”

Erich C. & Yvette C. Nall