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RW Phone

Smarter Conversations


Dental practices recognize that analog phone systems aren’t sufficient for today’s needs and are looking for VOIP solutions that allow them to step up their ability to serve patients. RW Phone is an integrated phone system that connects practices and patients.

Project Goals

  • Simplify outbound calling
  •  Make processing call easierMake it easier to process calls— 

  •  Connect platform data to calls

  • Increase resolution rate
  • Simplify user experience


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  • Lead Designer


  • Kevin Bhagat- Designer
  • Bhargov Kode – Senior PM Sameen Khan – PM
  • Joe Keehnast – VP Product
  • Max Longin – CTO


  • March 2021-Present



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Smarter Calls


  • "Hi, what's your name? How do you spell that?" vs. "Hi Gretchen, how can I help you?" A simple, confident greeting can set the tone for an entire conversation. ScreenPop is a desktop pop-up window with critical data during incoming patient calls so staff can easily engage in a conversation that drives scheduling.
  • ScreenPop has simple controls that let users quickly accept or decline the call. They can also dismiss the alert. Which does not decline the call but instead leaves the opportunity for another team member to take the call. We also provided users with the ability to view the caller’s profile. We included a delay that opens the profile and accepts the call 2 seconds later. This allows the user to quickly scan the profile before answering.

Active Calls

Active calls begin in a truncated form. Users typically have multiple things open on their desktop, including their practice management system. We decided to start the pop-up in a condensed form to avoid taking up too much room and distracting users from their other workflows. Then, when the user decides they want to take additional action, they can expand the shelf. The shelf contains essential call functionality, including mute, hold, a keypad, and the ability to transfer the call.


Finally, we can open the patient profile, which contains dozens of pieces of information that can make patient conversations more fruitful.

The Stack

Dental practices can have multiple calls active at any given time. These calls can be in different states, including active, on hold, expanded, or truncated. With limited space on a desktop, we created “the stack”. Call modals keep stacking up until there is no more room. Then, the active call stays locked, and everything else scrolls underneath it.


Making & Processing Calls

The Dialpad

  • Outbound calls are just as simple as inbound calls. Users have a simple dial pad that allows them to quickly set up an outbound call. Or, they can search through their patient list to start a conversation.

Voicemail & Call Management

Finally, RW Phone allows users to quickly process through their call history. This includes all inbound, outbound, missed call, and voicemails. Essential information is presented in a format that allows for quick processing and reviewing.