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Dental practices recognize that analog phone systems aren’t sufficient for today’s needs and are looking for VOIP solutions that allow them to step up their ability to serve patients. RW Phone is an integrated phone system that connects practices and patients. This is the mobile experience.


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  • Kevin Bhagat- Designer
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  • Joe Keehnast – VP Product
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A Simplified Experience

Take a Call

An active call screen needs to be simple. It needs to give you the critical pieces of functionality you may need and nothing more. Our call screen is a deep blue color. This ties into our brand, but more importantly, it differentiates patient conversations from other, more casual conversations.


To unlock the full power of the RevenueWell mobile app, it is important to minimize call screens. This allows users to navigate their call history, patient profiles, or schedule while always being aware that they have a patient on the other line.

Make A Call

Outbound calls are just as simple as inbound calls. Users have a simple dial pad that allows them to quickly set up an outbound call. Or, they can search through their patient list to start a conversation.

Call History

The mobile app allows users to quickly process through their call history. This includes all inbound, outbound, and missed calls. Essential information is presented in a format that allows for quick processing and reviewing.

We included the ability to quickly respond to missed calls by including quick links to calling back, messaging, and seeing essential profile information. To avoid accidentally calling patients, we added some friction to limit mistakes.


Voicemail reviewing follows a similar pattern to call history. Voicemails are presented in a single location with the ability to switch between multiple mailboxes. We included the ability to listen and review voicemails with a slide-up modal. This allows for quick reviewing and processing.