Adam Trybula


Scalable Patient Information


The patient profile page is the primary source of patient information for a dental practice (e.g., upcoming appointments, current treatment plans, billing information etc.). Contacts is an application that can provide powerful patient information quickly and simply.

Project Goals

  • Build to scale
  • Make profile information handyEasy accessEasy access

  • Simply user experience

  • Increase resolution rate
  • Simplify user experience


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  • Lead Designer


  • Kevin Bhagat- Designer
  • Bhargov Kode – Senior PM
  • Joe Keehnast – VP Product
  • Max Longin – CTO


  • May 2021-Present



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Build To Scale

Multi-Location Support

  • RevenueWell’s customers are made up of SMB (1-3 locations) and enterprise (3-50+ locations) users. RevenueWell’s current patient profile page is restricted to a single location. Multi-location & enterprise users cannot find and view patient information across all locations that they are permitted to access. To facilitate better workflows within dental organizations, we consolidated all patient records into one contacts app. This allows users to find the right patient and quickly resolve their issues.


  • We utilized simple filtering to allow users to navigate multiple locations. The filtering allows users responsible for one or many locations to create a custom view that allows them to do their work more efficiently. This feature is collapsed to save space and appears when the filter button is selected. This feature only appears for multi-location practices.

Scalable Content

RevenueWell’s current patient profile page includes essential account information like appointments, billing, and other general information. As we integrate better with existing practice management systems and introduce new ones, we can potentially have dozens of categories with hundreds of data points that a user must sift through.

We decided that an accordion structure would let us represent the content we currently have while preparing with the influx of content that will come in the future. When collapsed, the accordion structure allows the user to quickly scan and find the correct category. This becomes more important as the content expands.


Make profile information handy

Slide It Out

  • One of the most important things to have when talking to a patient is having proper context. It is vital to see key pieces of information like appointment history, billing information, and tasks that need attention. This allows users to have better experiences throughout the platform. We designed the patient profile to open in a “slide-out”. This allows users to open it up when they need it and close it when they don’t. It was essential to see two pieces of information side-by-side. The content in one will affect how you use the other.

  • We decided to introduce this quick profile across the product. Anytime a user selects a patient’s name, the “slide-out” will appear. We used the mobile responsive version of the profile for minimal use of space with maximum impact on day-to-day workflows.

On the Go

We designed Contacts for our mobile app. This will allow users to quickly pull up a patient's information away from their desk.

We adapted the patient profile to ios using mobile-friendly patterns. We introduced a horizontal swipe to better navigate between profile categories. We used swipe-up menus for better reach and easier access.