Adam Trybuła




Select Branding/ Identity Projects

Integrated Commercial Planning


Kellogg’s go-to-market framework evolved to introduce a deeper understanding of consumer behavior. The Integrated Commercial Planning model was designed to help the global brand marketing organization improve their brand building investment. We needed to create a brand that would spark new ways of thinking and approaching business challenges.


Design for a global audience/ global exposure & usage

Design for adoption by any other marketing-related training or initiatives

Design a style guide that works across a variety of modes: learning materials, communication formats, presentations, visuals, etc.

Learning Solutions Team


Learning Solutions at Kellogg’s is a global team creating work that is a blend of innovation and strategy. With passion, they work to produce quality that enriches human performance of Kellogg’s and its employees. The combination of instructional designers, graphic designers, and instructional developers endeavor toward work that increases human performance, drives action, generates results, and makes for change.


1. Create a recognizable mark that stands out in the crowded Kellogg organization

2. Include human elements that references the learners they support

Revenue Growth Management


Revenue Growth Management influences the business decision-making process with data-based recommendations to ensure Kellogg's products are available in shopping environments with the right price, promotion, and pack to profitably entice shoppers to buy.


Represent the 5 pillars and 3 key enablers of RGM

Symbolize RGM's effect on top and bottom line growth

Connect to Kellogg's core products and customers